1. Phil Schneider

    Teacher · Pastor · Writer

    My name is Phil Schneider, and I am...a really busy guy. That being said, I try to do the best I can with what time I have.

    First and foremost, I was a sinner, a wretch, a wraith of a man. I was saved by a merciful God, and I am now being remade in the image of Jesus. This is a slow process, and I'm not making consistent progress. Be patient with me; I'm not perfect.

    Secondly, I'm the husband of the loveliest woman in the world, Kaitlyn Rae. She is beatiful, talentd, and strong beyond words. Our daughter, Emma Rae, is just like her mother, a pricess, a firecracker, and a joy, all in one.

    Lastly, I work full-time as a middle-school Spanish teacher, part-time as a discipleship pastor, and in-between-time as a blogger/podcaster/author. The links below will help you to navigate around my little digital empire.