Phil Schneider: Teacher, Preacher, Writer

philHello! Welcome to my website! I’m not what you would consider “Mr. Social.” I’m very shy, to an almost ridiculous degree. You wouldn’t know it to see me teach or preach, but in person, I’m terribly shy around strangers. I have a very frustrating speech impediment that acts up when I’m nervous or excited. If that weren’t bad enough, I’m already difficult to understand because of the sometimes raspy, sometimes mumbling tone of my voice.

I’m the proud husband of Kaitlyn Schneider and the ever-amazed father of Emma. We carve out a fairly nice existence in the Midwest. I work as teacher, youth pastor, and a blogger. Life is never slow, but I’m working to make it more intentional.

I’m hoping to use this site as a landing page/repository of all my posts on varying topics including (but never limited to) theology, ecclesiology, politics, technology, and fatherhood. I hope you enjoy!