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Going Back into the Unknown

What awaits us beyond the atmosphere?
Why is it the unknown,
That we most fear?

New stars, new planets—life rediscovered—
At escape velocity,
Our strife is uncovered.

Each of us, exploring creation,
Have fallen short,
In our cosmic relation.

We press on into the space between stars,
Hoping for light,
Knowing that You are never too far.

This is part of my “Inspired by Space” Series.

Title: STS-26 Return to Flight Launch

Full Description: The Return to Flight launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery and its five-man crew from Pad 39B at 11:37 a.m. September 29, 1988, as Discovery embarked on a four- day, one-hour mission.

Image Number: 88PC-1001

Date: September 29, 1988


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God, the Artist

God paints
Whether anyone sees
Anyone appreciates

We taint
Even though He loves
We still hate

Brilliant Creator
Artistic King
Aesthetic qualities
In planetary rings

This is part of my “Inspired by Space” Series.

Title: Saturn’s Rings

Full Description: This Voyager 2 view, focusing on Saturn’s C-ring (and to a lesser extent, the B- ring at top and left) was compiled from three separate images taken through ultraviolet, clear and green filters. On August 23, 1981, when it acquired these frames, Voyager 2 was 2.7 million kilometers (1.7 million miles) from the planet. In general, C-ring material is very bland and gray, the color of dirty ice. Color differences between this ring and the B-ring indicate differing surface compositions for the material composing these complex structures. More than 60 bright and dark ringlets are evident here; the small, bland squares are caused by the removal of reseau (reference) marks during processing.

Image Number: PIA01531

Date: August 23, 1981


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Perspectives (5-7-23)

Seeing Things From All Sides

Perspective—an universal element that is both common and rare.

We all have our own perspective that seems so self-evident to us.

And yet, the perspectives of others? Might as well be conceptual physics or advanced geometry, taught in Latin.

Of course, as complex as this sounds, it’s not impossible to learn and understand.

It just takes effort, time, and passion.

This is part of my Public Domain Derivation Series.

Three-Dimensional Spaces - The Fourth Dimension and the Bible, p. 14
Copy of my notebook page with the public domain image and my response
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False God (3-7-23)

On Worship

Someone once said that humans were made to worship. The question, therefore, is what will we choose to pledge ourselves to?

To what or to who will we choose, with our free will, to offer our li[fe], our sou[l], our whole self to in worship?

If we chose God, we are pursuing the infinite, and we will expand to reflect His immense glory.

But if we bow our heads, hearts, and knees to a false god, to a finite, created thing, we will be reduced, hollowed out, in the process.

The appeal of an idol is obvious: apparent glory with no apparent strings attached. However, the glory of the creature is always a mere reflection of the Creator. His glory is everywhere and so is [seemingly] too subtle for its ubiquity.

And as far as strings, there are none. No hidden traps.

Are there demands made of the worshipper? Oh yes. He demands [worship from] all us. Why? So that He might given Himself away.

This is part of my Public Domain Derivation Series.

Design of lion on pedestal
Copy of my notebook page with the public domain image and my response
Blog Deep Thoughts Showing My Work


The Fall of Icarus, Bernard Picart (1731)

All of us
Flying too fast
Too far
Too high
All of us
Falling at last
Truth exposes the lie

In the water
In the shallow mud
Nothing broken
Tasting no blood
Upside down
Falling below
When the door is shut
Try the window

Too fast
Too far
Too high
A sudden stop exposes the lie

(From my notebook | 4.23.23)

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Safe Landing

Falling, falling, falling
Burning, burning, burning
Who will catch me?

Snap! Suddenly, falling, slowing
Splash! Suddenly, floating, swimming

Danger to deliverance
Hell to home
In an instant
We are safe

This is part of my “Inspired by Space” Series.

Title: Apollo 9 Splashdown

Full Description: The Apollo 9 Command Module “Gumdrop”, with astronauts James A. McDivitt, David R. Scott, and Russell L. Schweickart aboard, splashes down in the Atlantic recovery area to conclude a successful ten-day, Earth orbital mission. Splashdown occurred at 12:00:53 p.m. (EST), March 13, 1969, only 4.5 nautical miles from the prime recovery ship, U.S.S. Guadalcanal.

Image Number: S69-27465

Date: March 13, 1969