Social Media Handbook: Church Edition

**Out of Print**

You already know how to like memes on Facebook and post cat GIFs on Twitter. You already know where to find recipes on Pinterest and mastered the filters on Instagram. Your resume is on LinkedIn and you sorta use Google+.

And yet it’s not enough. You’re ready for the next level. You want to engage with your audience, reach your tribe with a powerful message, make a difference in your community and just maybe change the world.

The Social Media Handbook: Church Edition equips you with the tools you needs and provides practical application to realize your goals online and off.

Whether you work for a church, ministry, non-profit or even the corporate sector you’ll find valuable guidance on creating a strategy, the implications of ignoring social, best practices for the Big 5 as well as how to adapt to the changing landscape of social media.

This is a ChurchMag Press Collaboration. Contributing authors include: Jeremy Smith, Phil Schneider, Rachel Blom, Chris Wilson, Lindsey Talerico-Hedren & KC Procter.

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