About Me

My name is Phil Schneider, and I’m a very busy guy.

I work as a high school teacher, a discipleship pastor, a writer, and a podcaster.

There is so much I’d like to tell you about me, but first…

A little bit about the most important people in my life:

My Family

My wife, Kaitlyn, and I have been married for nine years, and our daughter, Emmma, is five years-old. My girls are spirited and fun-loving, always looking to make memories. I couldn’t be more blessed.


Kaitlyn is a crafter, artist, and a beautiful singer. If God had given her half as much confidence as He gave her talent, she’d have already conquered the world.

Emma is creative like her mother and a whirlwind of busyness like me. She’s joyful, exuberant, and always good for a quick laugh.

Nora is imaginative, full of energy, and a whirlwind in as many ways as you can imagine.


I’ve been a public school teacher for seventeen years. The first six years of my career were spent in the inner city, where I learned a great deal about what the phrase “real life” actually means. For just over a decade, I’ve been teaching in my hometown, which has been a different kind of adventure, as I earn the right to be seen as an adult by the very people who taught me years ago.

I know you have something to say.

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