Public Domain Derivation

History is my chosen profession, but the odd and esoteric is my obsession.

One of my favorite things has been to digitally dive into the depths of public domain archives. Sifting through the odd and awful, I sometimes feel like both an archaeologist and psychologist: studying the artifacts of a long-gone artists, trying to diagnosis the mental machinery that could have produced such beautiful madness.

What I have done here is to take several images from The Public Domain Review and glued them into a journal. Then, on occasion, when I want to write but don’t have an idea, I’ll pick up this journal, find an image, and write what comes to mind when I look at it.

Each post in this series will have the original image, an image of my notebook page, and the transcribed text—because my handwriting is not fit for public consumption. Unfortunately, when I first pulled these images, I didn’t note which source I found them in. As I go back through and post them here, I’ll try to find that information. If I can’t, please know that I tried my best.

Entries in The Series

  1. Enemies (2-24-23)
  2. Mortality (3-3-23)
  3. False God (3-7-23)
  4. Perspectives (5-7-23)
  5. Death’s Face (05-12-23)
  6. Bigger World (05-18-23)
  7. Creators (06-01-23)
  8. Heaven (06-12-23)
  9. Communication (06-15-23)
  10. Freedom (06-13-23)
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