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Fatherhood: The Holy Privilege

There is something unmistakably humbly about being a “father.” Being a parent itself is an incredible experience that, if allowed, will change you in innumerable ways. However, being a “father” is different. If you will allow me, I’d like to ramble here for a few minutes.

Being a husband is serious business, let me tell you. My wife and I will celebrate six years of marriage today, on Father’s Day. For just over a half-decade, I’ve been learning to be a husband, and now, for the past three years, I’ve been learning how to be a dad. Both positions are weighty ones because they are two of the most common word-pictures given to describe God.

He is the loving Husband who sacrifices everything to restore His unfaithful bride. He is the the compassionate Father who, after losing a son to the glamour of the fast life, awaits his return with an eager heart and open arms.

Husbands and fathers, let me ask you this: how do you stack up? How do you compare to God, the Husband and Father? I know that on a thousand days, in a millions ways, I have and am and will fall short. However, I will not let that stop me from pursuing the perfecting power that emanates from the presence of God.

I have made so many mistakes—some huge and intensely hurtful, others silly and humorous—but I’m learning how to rise above. I’m leaning that if I want to share my titles of “husband” and “father” with God Almighty, I’d better understand what those titles mean to Him. I’m learning that if want my family to follow God then I have to be their shepherd, the priest of my home, and lead by example. My wife and my daughter will do as I do; I set the tone in my house.

When the time comes and my life is examined by the Judge, I want to hear “Well done!” echo across Heaven, and I want it to be said not about my writing or preaching or anything of that sort of stuff. I want God, the Husband and Father, to tell me that I did well, by His grace, living up to the example He set.

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