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Death, Be Not Proud

death be not proud
Death, be not proud1
Death, be no mocker of men
For though you stand upon my grave
I will surely rise again

Death, be not proud
Be sure you’ve lost your sting
You’ve been defeated
Overwhelmed by my King

Death, be not proud
My soundly defeated foe
For at His upward call
I will be where you cannot go

Death, be not proud
Nor an invader of my dreams
For though weak I appear
All is not what it seems
Mortal without, I share eternity within
Broken once, but mortal no more
My Savior made an end to all my sin
And life will be as it was before

Death, be not proud
Speak truthfully and do not lie
Death, be not deceived
For the day is dawning for Death to die

[Featured image was a modified version of this image by James Case]

  1. Inspired by the first line of a poem by John Donne 

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