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Fabriano EcoQua


The Basics

Color: Stone
Size: 5.8″ x 8.25″
Binding: Staples


The Fabriano EcoQua is a beautiful notebook. At an average price of $5 with only 40 sheets, it doesn’t have a great $/sheet ratio, but it’s almost too beautiful to matter. The cover is strong and durable, but light enough to not limit the portability of the notebook. With the light cover and strong stapling, the EcoQua can be folded so that it can lie flat enough on a table.

Now, because it’s a softcover notebook, it needs a hard surface beneath it. I tried folding it in half, and I didn’t feel confident in the strength of the cover, as if the fold was wearing the cover’s crease too much. My only complaint is that if you write with a heavy hand like myself, with thick, dark ink, then you might have have a slight issue with seeing too much of the front page while writing on the back.

That said, I love this notebook and will probably buy it again. Update: I did. The cover didn’t last as long, but it was still a great notebook. So sleek and easy to use. Definitely a go-to.

Recommended?: Definitely
Purchase: Amazon, $6.99 | Michael’s, $3.99 | Blick’s, Cheaper prices but only larger sizes

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