Kings Kaleidoscope – “139/Redemption in Motion”


For a week or two, Kings Kaleidoscope was giving away a live EP, and I lucked into downloading a copy. I’ve been playing it ever since!

The album will be released for sale later this year, which is great but not of much use to us right now since I really wanted to share this album with you now.

Oh well. It is what it is, and since something’s better than nothing, I’m embedding the music video from what has come my favorite1 of the six songs on the album.

I hope you enjoy it. I’ll also include the lyrics2 below as well.

You heard my first heartbeat before I could breathe
Before my first cry, you knew me
You knit me together when I was conceived
When I was designed, you knew me

You know what I wonder before I can speak
Before my first thoughts, you know me
You see what I’m dreaming when I go to sleep
When I’m waking up, you know me

I could run away or hide beneath the sea
You’d still hear my prayers
I could climb the peaks or dive beyond the deep
Oh my God! You are there

You crafted the heavens and care for my soul
In all of your ways, you’re holy
When I’m lost in darkness and far from my home
Your hand guides my way and holds me

You are the God who knows and loves me
The God of David, the Rock of Ages
You are the king who dwells above me
The King of Zion, the Mighty Lion

You’re with me always, I won’t be afraid
You died and rose and set the world ablaze
Amazing grace, redemption in motion
I will see you when I fly away
To the gates of heaven where I’ll see your face
Holy Jehovah, Alpha Omega
You died and rose and set redemption in motion

I don’t know what to add in commentary because both of these songs are so awesome. If nothing else, go and buy a Kings Kaleidoscope album. This is a band that’s definitely worth watching from now on—they’re on to something awesome!

  1. “Favorite” is loosely used as I love all six tracks. 

  2. This track is a merging of two separate songs. 

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