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The Simple Things

I’m sitting next to my wife. She’s on her side of the couch. I’m in my wingback chair. It’s a quiet, spring Sunday afternoon. Our lovely daughter is sleeping before we head back to church.

We’re both relaxing after a nice lunch and some well-timed dessert. Birds are chirping in the backyard of our new house and just enough sunlight is pouring in through our windows so that we don’t need the lights on.

2015-02-23 23.11.57We’re watching some reruns on Netflix, and my wonderful wife is laughing deeply at an episode she’s probably seen a half-dozen times. I love that about her. Despite the ups and downs—and she’s had some pretty drastic downs lately, having had brain surgery and whatnot—she still loves to laugh.

It’s the simple things: the laugh of a loved one, the mischievous smile of a child, the sometimes annoying companionship of a tiny dog.

It’s the simple things that make up life, the simple joys of the life God gives us, glimpses of the life that God wants us to have.

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