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Body/Soul Dualism: Looking for the Human Whole


There’s this old quote (misattributed to CS Lewis):

“You are not a body that has a soul. You are a soul. You have body.”

I’ve always like that quote, though I’ve not always been sure that I agree with it. However, I’ve also struggled with the rather simplistic presenation of humans as being, in a limited sense, triune: body, soul, and spirit.

To me, it would seem that we only have two halves—physical and spiritual—and these two halves are definitely not in unity.

What can account for this? The Fall, of course! The Fall brought division and disunity within our deepest selves, breaking the whole of our humanity, fracturing our psyche. So, in this sense, in light of our brokeness, we are souls in possession of a body because only our soul will move beyond this mortal world into eternity.

And of course, once the Father’s plans have been accomplished, this mortal body will be resurreced immortal and will be rejoined without our spirit in complete unity, precluding any further divisions or classifications of our nature: we shall be whole.

Just something thoughts. No dogmatic doctrine here.

At least not yet.

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