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Paper Mate InkJoy 550


The Basics

Color: Black
Size: 1mm point
Materials: Plastic body with a rubber guard and metal clip


My favorite pen is the Paper Mate InkJoy 700. This, however, is the 550. It’s plastic body is a little thinner, a little cheaper. It’s still that same great ink with the same great ink delivery system, so the use of the pen is functionally the same. The difference is only in the feel of the pen, as this model is a bit lighter. So, if you’d like a lighter pen, this might be a good candidate. Also, the spring in the button was a bit loud. Is that sort of nit-picky? Yes, yes it is.

I’ll readily admit that I’m pretty picky about this stuff, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Recommended?: Meh – I wouldn’t refuse one, but I wouldn’t buy it either. It’s a good pen, just not as good as the 700.
Purchase: Amazon, $8.98 (box of 12)

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