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Blast Off/Blown Apart

NASA Rocket Launch
Blasting off into something new
Blown apart before our dreams came true

Facing our fear of uncertainty
With the force of exit velocity

All that remains are fragments
Dreams now past
All that survives is a remnant
Hope for space at last

This is part of my “Inspired by Space” Series.

Photo Information

Title: CONTOUR Launch

NASA’s Comet Nucleus Tour (CONTOUR) launched on a Boeing Delta II rocket on July 3, 2002 from Cape Canaveral. The probe was lost after it ignited its solid rocket engine take it out of Earth’s orbit and put it on a heliocentric trajectory. After the firing, no contact could be made with the probe. Telescopic surveys found three objects near the expected position of CONTOUR, leading scientists to believe that these objects were parts of the craft. CONTOUR was designed to make close fly-bys of at least two comet nuclei.

Image Number: KSC-02PP-1124

Date: July 3, 2002

Source: NASA Commons

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