The Social Christian

There’s no such thing as a ‘social media expert.’

How do I know that? I heard a social media expert say it, and I, as a social media expert-in-training, agreed.

I know that’s confusing, so let me lay it out a bit more clearly. Social media is a brand new medium, forum, technology, and landscape all-in-one. It’s virgin soil, an unknown quantity, an untapped resource, and a leaderless populace. No one truly knows what he or she is doing; we’re all just experimenting. As soon as we establish something resembling rules or best practices, the social media landlords (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) alter our social media reality, making all of our agreed upon rules null and void. Or, worse, those of us who pretend to have some influence over the wave of social media we’re surfing on may one day find that our social networks have begun to evolve independently of us, and we may crash into the shore.

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