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My Feelings Don’t Change Him

This is the first in what may a string of short posts that I write when I have time. Because of their limited length, they will likely be more personal than I otherwise write.

I struggle with anxiety and depression. When crises arise, I crumble, especially when I’m the one who caused the crisis. During these times, it’s difficult for me to keep my negative thoughts in check. Within a short period of time, my head fills with dozens of voices, each one delivering a new piece of psyche-shattering negativity.

There’s no way to snap out of it.

At least, there’s no way for me to snap myself out of it. Eventually, Jesus will break through and remind me that He’s still in charge. He will continue to watch out for me and will continue to lead me toward eternity.

My feelings, no matter how deeply they are felt, don’t change Him. They don’t take Him off his throne. They don’t diminish His power.

They don’t make me harder to save.

Even though I may fall down to the depths, I will never fall so far that God cannot reach me.

My feelings don’t change Him. He will always be God.

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