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Saturday Share #2

I’m going to try—emphasis on try—to share something I enjoyed or was inspired by this week. These little tidbits may be sparks for future posts, or they may simply be cool things. If you like something, check the source to see if you’ve found a new favorite thing.

I grew up loving space, space exploration, and sci-fi. For a project in third grade, I wrote to NASA and several other similar organizations and got some awesome photos of space sent to me, and I was just amazed at how incredible it all was.

But now, I’ve grown up and so has space photography and the Internet. No longer do you have to contact NASA to get sent some promotional photos. They’re now giving them away in glorious HD.

NASA’s “Image of the Day” is one of my favorite sites on the Internet. In fact, the background of this site came from NASA. Awesome, right? Here are some sweet images that I thought I’d share as an example of the space-awesomeness.




[Featured image is a heavily edited version of a sketch included in On the Writing of the Insane.]

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