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Black n’ Red Business Notebook

Sleek, durable, and surprisingly awesome for $6!

The Basics

Cover: Black, medium thickness polyvinyl
Size: 8¼” x 5⅞”
Paper: Premium 24lb, 70 pages, perforated
Binding: spiral, twinwire


I don’t usually buy notebooks with perforated pages because the paper almost always falls out, but not so with the Black n’ Red! That paper is holding steady. Plus, it’s got a great thickness, which means that my ink doesn’t bleed through. Plus, the cover is fantastic! This is a common area of notebook failure for me as I’m never rough on my notebooks, and this cover is amazingly durable. This has honestly been my favorite notebook of late, even if it has a more commercial, business look to it than I’m used to.

Recommended?: Yes
Purchase: Amazon, $5.99

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