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Spark Notebook

Organize your life with the Spark Notebook!

The Basics

Cover: Black, some sort of synthetic, rubbery surface – I like it!
Size: 6″ x 8½”
Paper: medium thickness
Binding: stitched


I received my Spark Notebook a while back after promoting their Kickstarter on ChurchMag, and I instantly loved it. It offered monthly goal-setting, calendars, weekly task lists, and note paper. My only issue was that it was a little big for my thin work-issued laptop bag. Had I been a work-at-home professional or had the luxury of my own bag, it would have worked perfectly!

Just so you know, the Spark Notebook is now called the “Volt Planner.” New name, same awesome planner.

Recommended?: Totally!
Purchase: Ink & Volt – $29.50 (6-month, undated version)

[Images via product page]

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