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Going Back into the Unknown

What awaits us beyond the atmosphere?
Why is it the unknown,
That we most fear?

New stars, new planets—life rediscovered—
At escape velocity,
Our strife is uncovered.

Each of us, exploring creation,
Have fallen short,
In our cosmic relation.

We press on into the space between stars,
Hoping for light,
Knowing that You are never too far.

This is part of my “Inspired by Space” Series.

Title: STS-26 Return to Flight Launch

Full Description: The Return to Flight launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery and its five-man crew from Pad 39B at 11:37 a.m. September 29, 1988, as Discovery embarked on a four- day, one-hour mission.

Image Number: 88PC-1001

Date: September 29, 1988


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