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God, the Artist

God paints
Whether anyone sees
Anyone appreciates

We taint
Even though He loves
We still hate

Brilliant Creator
Artistic King
Aesthetic qualities
In planetary rings

This is part of my “Inspired by Space” Series.

Title: Saturn’s Rings

Full Description: This Voyager 2 view, focusing on Saturn’s C-ring (and to a lesser extent, the B- ring at top and left) was compiled from three separate images taken through ultraviolet, clear and green filters. On August 23, 1981, when it acquired these frames, Voyager 2 was 2.7 million kilometers (1.7 million miles) from the planet. In general, C-ring material is very bland and gray, the color of dirty ice. Color differences between this ring and the B-ring indicate differing surface compositions for the material composing these complex structures. More than 60 bright and dark ringlets are evident here; the small, bland squares are caused by the removal of reseau (reference) marks during processing.

Image Number: PIA01531

Date: August 23, 1981


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