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Loss of Control

Loss is the single most difficult thing for us to experience.

Loss of a person through death or betrayal cuts like losing a part of yourself.

Loss of property puts dreams on hold while we are forced to replace the necessities.

Loss of position destabilizes us as we search for a new normal.

There are a million ways to lose something or someone, but in the end, whatever it is that we may lose, we are ultimately also losing the feeling that we have any control over our own lives.

We don’t control anything in this world except our response to everything that happens in this world.

And responding the right way when the wrong thing happens is the hardest thing you’ll ever be asked to do.

We don’t have control. We cannot hold back death. We cannot resist disaster. We don’t have the power to insulate ourselves or our loved ones. This world, this life—it’s all temporary.

Loss reminds us of all the things we don’t want to remember:
That loving is dangerous
That living is deadly.
That nothing in this world lasts forever.

There is no hope in this world; there is no hope in this life.

At least not as long as I try to maintain the illusion of control.

And that’s why my hope is anchored in the next life, the next world, in the hands of the One who does have the power to protect me, even if sometimes I still face loss.

I don’t expect a lot of people to agree with this perspective, but I’ve lost enough in this life that I have to hope for something better. I have to hope for a brighter, better world where all that I’ve lost can be found.

On March 24, I hit another car who pulled out into traffic while I had the right of way. It was an accident, and we all walked away. All in all, I am so blessed.

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