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Time Heals Nothing

“Time heals all wounds.”

That’s what they say, and it’s a lie.

Time heals nothing. In reality, time is only how we measure the distance from the moment we were wounded. Does this help lessen the pain? Yes, but not by healing the wound.

Over time, necessity forces us to get up. To go back to work. To pick up the kids. Time merely gives us more opportunities for distraction.

But the wound is still there because time doesn’t heal it.

Physically, our body does heal itself, but it often needs help: casts for broken bones, medicine for colds, and a whole host of other things.

But our hearts and minds? We often outsource those wounds to time, hoping that time will provide us with the distance and distraction that take the edge off the pain.

We need to take better care of our eternal selves. We need to ask for help from our friends, family, and even professionals. We need better medicine than TV, social media, junk food, and whatever herbal remedies we might come up with.

Our hearts deserve deep healing. Time doesn’t provide that. We must be intentional in pursuing real solutions.

Real, lasting peace is out there for us to find. The question is whether or not we will commit to doing the work of wellness instead of settling for distance and distractions.

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