What I’ve Read | 2018

I read over 39 books last year, and my goal was 30—victory! This year, my goal is only going to be 25. I want to spend more time hanging out with my family, and I also plan on taking some grad school classes, which always limits my reading.

If you’d like to see past reading lists, here’s 2016 and 2015. Below is a running list of what I’ve read this year.


  1. Action Comics, Vol. 3: Men of Steel (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  2. New Super-Man, Vol. 1: Made in China (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  3. Nightwing, Vol. 3: Nightwing Must Die (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  4. Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson (Audiobook/One)
  5. Superman Reborn (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  6. Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Framers, Their Fights, and the Flaws That Affect Us Today by Cynthia Levinson and Sanford Levinson
  7. Batman/The Flash: The Button (Deluxe Edition) (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Running Total = 3.6


  1. Superman, Vol. 3: Multiplicity (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  2. Justice League, Vol. 4: Endless (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Running Total = 4.2


  1. New Super-Man, Vol. 2: Coming to America (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  2. Batman, Vol. 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Running Total = 4.8


  1. Batman Beyond, Vol. 1: Escaping the Grave (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  2. Justice League, Vol. 5: Legacy (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  3. Batman Beyond, Vol. 3: Wired for Death (Graphic Novel/One-Third) [Pre-DC’s Rebirth]

Running Total = 5.7


  1. Superman, Vol 4: Black Dawn (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  2. Superman: Grounded, Volume 1 (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  3. Superman: Grounded, Volume 2 (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  4. Detective Comics, Vol. 3: League of Shadows (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  5. Action Comics: The Oz Effect (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  6. Detective Comics, Vol 4: Deus Ex Machina (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Running Total = 7.7


  1. The Flash, Vol 5: Negative (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  2. Super Sons, Vol. 2: Planet of the Capes (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  3. Met His Every Goal?: James K. Polk and the Legends of Manifest Destiny by Tom Chaffin
  4. Superheroes Can’t Save You: Epic Examples of Historic Heresies by Todd Miles | Review
  5. Nightwing, Vol. 4: Blockbuster (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  6. Titans, Vol. 2: Made in Manhattan (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Running Total = 10.9


  1. Batman, Vol. 5: The Rules of Engagement (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  2. Batman: Ego and Other Tails (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  3. Titans, Vol. 3: A Judas Among Us (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Running Total = 11.8


  1. Nightwing, Vol. 5: Raptor’s Revenge (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  2. Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 5: A Lonely Place of Living (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Running Total = 12.4


  1. A Glorious Defeat: Mexico and Its War with the United States by Timothy J. Henderson
  2. Superman, Vol. 5: Hopes and Fears (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  3. All-Star Batman, Vol. 3: The First Ally (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  4. Batman Beyond, Vol. 2: Rise of the Demon (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Running Total = 14


  1. Batman, Vol. 6: Bridge or Burglar (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Running Total = 14.3


  1. Superman, Vol. 6: Imperius Lex (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  2. Actions Comics, Vol. 5: Booster Shot (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  3. Batman and The Signal (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  4. The Flash, Vol. 6: Cold Day in Hell (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  5. The Flash, Vol. 7: Perfect Storm (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Running Total = 16


  1. Super Sons of Tomorrow (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  2. Batman, Vol. 7: The Wedding (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  3. Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power by Jon Meacham (Audiobook/One)
  4. Justice League: No Justice (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  5. Super Sons, Vol. 3: Parent Trap (Graphic Novel/One-Third)
  6. The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism by Doris Kearns Goodwin (Audiobook/One)
  7. Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 6: The Fall of the Batmen (Graphic Novel/One-Third)

Cumulative Total = 19.6

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